10 Tech Resolutions

10 Tech Resolutions Every Businesses Should Make in 2017

Businesses today are basically run by technology. Human beings make the decisions while technology carries them out. Technology is a very useful tool, but it can also come with some problems – namely inefficiency and security. To make the most of your business technology, it’s…

Improving Business Productivity

4 Ways Technology is Improving Business Productivity

Productivity isn’t a buzzword that businesses can ignore. Productivity is at the heart of every single successful business process, regardless of the application or industry. But what happens when productivity wanes? Well, in 2016, your best bet is to utilize technology. Boost Productivity One Step…

Software Platforms for Business

10 Top Software Platforms Developed for Businesses

It’s nearly impossible to run a business today without using quite a bit of technology. What could once be accomplished with paper, pencil, and an old-fashioned cash register now requires an online presence, computer-based transaction equipment, and a lot of software. There are thousands of…

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