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Brain Health

Build A Better Brain: 4 Apps For Improved Brain Health

At a time of rapid medical processes, basic research is developing innovative treatments. The 21st Century Cures Act was recently signed into law, creating new pathways for drug approval, and tech devices are revolutionizing weight loss, diabetes management, and even aiding in the treatment of…

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Technology Idea

How to Develop Your Technology Idea

It’s pretty clear that technology rules the world. No business would be caught without technology backing their infrastructure, and consumers rely on their various gadgets and software daily. Getting into this market is a sure moneymaker. But if you have a brilliant tech idea and…

MacBook Pro

5 things that suck about Apple’s new MacBook Pro

While mostly I’ve liked the new MacBook Pro in the weekend I’ve used it there are some glaring issues that I need to point out which make me question the use of the Pro nomenclature on these notebooks. Apple is obviously arguing otherwise, and there…

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lenovo k6 note

Lenovo unveils K6 Note in India

Lenovo, the Chinese smartphone maker has been surprising the Indian market with a bunch of interesting smartphone, literally shaking the competition. Now the brand has yet another smartphone in its ‘K’ line of budget friendly range dubbed the K6 Note. This smartphone is the big…

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Mobile app


Using a wheelchair or mobility scooter can mean that certain places and activities are off-limits. The world is not designed for people on wheels. Many with disabilities, including the elderly, find themselves restricted in their day-to-day lives. Technology can help. As well as specific gadgets…

Dramatically Improve Your Life

These Habits Will Dramatically Improve Your Life

In Hans Christian Andersen’s fable The Red Shoes, a young girl longs for a pair of pretty red shoes. She ultimately tricks the blind woman who cares for her into buying her a pair. Her love for the red shoes causes her to give them…