Android 7.0 Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat

A brand new Android release Nougat appeared at the end of last month. As Open GApps we quickly got to work and were happy to launch on August 24th our first 7.0 packages, well before any 7.0 AOSP ROMs were available yet. Beta Quality One…

Xiaomi Mi 5s
Social Media

A Look at the Tech Trends Behind Social Media Automation

As the social media industry grows, we’re seeing a lot of tech companies latch on and develop complimentary products that enhance the core user experience. Many of these tools are fresh and innovative, allowing businesses and users to better enjoy platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and…

whatapp vs allo

5 Reasons Google Allo Is Better Than WhatsApp, Really?

Short Bytes: The new instant messaging app Google Allo has amazing features like Smart Reply, Incognito mode, Shout/Whisper, and Google Assistant AI bot. But it faces tough competition from the Facebook-owned veteran WhatsApp. Can Google Allo take the place of WhatsApp? Here are 5 reasons why…

Originality of Success

The Originality of Success

Success is mantra for everyone to achieve something in their lives. Everybody running after success to make their life comfortable. Nothing wrong in that. By birth we all are optimist. Success will develop positiveness on our life. It will show we are something in the society….

iphone 7

Apple partners with Flipkart to sell iPhone 7 online in India

  Be prepared for fewer ‘discounts’ on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this year in India. In an attempt to better control the pricing of its products, Apple has partnered with Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce website. Though Flipkart has always sold Apple’s products,…

iphone 7

8 reasons why professionals should get the iPhone 7

Four days of testing the iPhone 7 has revealed several solid reasons why professionals should consider making the switch if they’re using an older model iPhone. For the purpose of testing, I compared an iPhone 7 with an iPhone 6 Plus, which was released in…


11 Best Tech Gifts on the Market

In the old days, a cute sweater or a bouquet of flowers was enough to make someone happy. Today, however, people are looking for something a little more technical. With technology booming and constantly advancing, it’s no surprise that tech gifts are popular. From Fitbits…

Mobile App Developers

5 security questions mobile app developers should be asked

How secure are your mobile apps? Ask any enterprise mobile developer and the answer will almost certainly be that security is a top priority. But smart IT departments should be asking more questions than that, and developers should be prepared to answer them. Just saying…

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